Be mindful of energy within your space

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Be mindful of the space that is holding your energy. This could be a job, a friend, or a significant other to name a few. There is a negative impact in allowing one of the above to hold energy within your space. It is ever so slight, but it creeps in, in very subtle ways. Then just like that, before you know it you are holding what feels like a sack of rocks. You become weighed down with distractions, anxiety, or even depression. What is problematic is that your space and freedom needed for self-reflection to continue your personal growth is now being depleted/filled by other people or things. You become so focused on that situation you forget about yourself, your needs, your ambitions, the dreams that once filled you. You can't grow in these areas if your space if filled with depression, distractions, conflict, anxiety, or chaos. A sort of suffering will set in and you will believe you have lost what you once possessed. Worry not, you have not lost; there is just a need to do a purging of those things you no longer have the space to contain. Once you do this you are able to rebirth those dreams, ambitions, and desires that were buried underneath the energy of others.

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